Fresh Off The Press!

New Research Report Unveils Sustainability Trends

As supply chains stretch across the globe and regulatory frameworks tighten, investors and stakeholders increasingly demand businesses to prioritize sustainability.

Trinity Consultants has commissioned a comprehensive research report, conducted by independent research firm Verdantix, which dives deep into the construction materials industry's challenges, aspirations, and strategies needed to drive effective decarbonization.

This report highlights:
  • The pressure companies are facing with decarbonizing their operations and the challenges that follow
  • How organizations are following suit and what this commitment looks like short and long term
  • The current strategies being used for decarbonization and how to leverage sustainability services to achieve this

Key Research Findings

This report will unpack the trends, challenges, and drivers of decarbonization in the construction materials sector; explore the momentum building around short- and long-term strategies to enable a sustainable future; and determine what business leaders need to know today to plan for tomorrow. While the research is specific to the construction materials sector, the insights gleaned are applicable to nearly every industry – including electrical, manufacturing, and refining.

Unprecedented Pressure to Decarbonize

The global push to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 has created a stark disparity between the current climate performance of the construction materials sector and the path to decarbonization. International agreements like the Paris Agreement are inspiring corporate action and the role of supply chain pressure in driving decarbonization efforts.

Organizations Respond with Ambitious Goals

CEOs now view decarbonization as a necessity for business resilience and growth, with 68% of companies setting short-term decarbonization targets. Companies are setting targets and aligning with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and the Paris Agreement's objectives.

Significant Challenges Ahead on the Decarbonization Journey

While ambition is high, companies face substantial challenges in translating decarbonization strategies into action. Companies face common hurdles such as internal organization, technical expertise gaps, and funding obstacles. Complexities exist related to ESG reporting, reporting standards expertise, and data collection.

Companies Plan to Leverage Sustainability Services to Execute

Organizations are turning to sustainability services to effectively address these challenges. Companies are using various criteria for selecting consulting partners, emphasizing expertise in GHG disclosure frameworks, technical knowledge, and industry-specific offerings. Additionally, digital strategies are being developed to streamline data collection and reporting.